Vice-Chair of the Greens

Vice-Chairman of the Greens in Finland

I was elected Vice-Chairman of the Greens in Finland in the Tampere party conference in the summer of 2017. I believe the decisive factor behind my election was my long experience with the party board. During these eighteen months, I have been into a lot of things. My stamps can be seen both in the party’s political programme and in various smaller advances and statements.

Being Vice-Chair is time-consuming, yet rewarding. Within the Greens, a huge crowd of clever, brave people work devotedly for environment, equality and human rights. This is what saving the world is at its best: upholding change inducing movements and being part of welcoming communities.

I am grateful for the people who recommended me as Vice-Chairman

Jassin Rezai

“Greetings from Jyväskylä, the Green city of Finland. My good friend Veli for Vice-Chair of the Greens! He really gets into things and makes out on everything, he has expertise, competence as well as a vast network. I see Veli as an honest, kind and hugely informed person. The Greens need such an accomplished person in their lead, someone with their feet on the ground, their head straight and their heart in the right place. Veli is just the ticket! That is why I support Veli for Vice-Chair of the Greens.”

– Jassin Rezai, Community Educator, graduate student of Political Science, City Councillor in Jyväskylä

Pauliina Lehtinen

“A versatile, humane politician, Veli would be an excellent Vice-Chair for the Greens. He has courage to bring up even the bitterest concerns and the ability to speak up. Veli is analytical, yet aware of the fragility of human life. Most importantly, Veli can also laugh at himself.”

– Pauliina Lehtinen, Party Board member

Jaakko Stenhäll

“I highly recommend Veli for the Vice-Chair of the Greens. Working with him, I have constantly witnessed his ability and competence, not to mention the fact that his heart is in the right place.”

– Jaakko Stenhäll, Chairman of the Greens in the Tampere Municipal Council

Amanda Häkkinen

“Meeting Veli for the first time before our previous parliamentary election, I remember establishing he is an expert the Greens is calling for. My opinion has not changed over the years, and I am fully convinced that Veli would be an active and responsible Vice-Chair, capable of bringing us a step closer to being a PM party.

What I most admire about Veli is the selfless diligence he has shown doing Green politics in Mikkeli. As a young Greens active, I also appreciate his inexhaustible trust in the future and in future generations: whether it is about setting up an Action Committee for young Greens or psyching up a young municipal election candidate, I know I can always trust Veli.”

– Amanda Häkkinen, high school student, Young Greens active, Mikkeli

Kaisa Spies

“Veli is loyal and always ready to help. When uncertain and in need of assistance, I know I can depend on Veli for support, advice and encouragement. This is the most reassuring feeling, for believe me, I really know what it is like to act in a small council group, often feeling insecure about my competence and experience. This is the kind of spur I want from a Vice-Chair. Veli has done all this selflessly, without an official status, because for him, supporting Green politics in every possible way is self-evident.

Veli is a youth researcher and a biologist – a super combination for a Green protagonist – and he is thoroughly familiar with the politics of the party. Veli is convincing, inspiring and enthusiastic. He will be a magnificent Vice-Chair.”

– Kaisa Spies, vote-puller queen in Kouvola

Maisa Juntunen

“I first met Veli last autumn, just after joining the party and becoming a municipal election candidate. I was instantly impressed by the way Veli included a new person in the team. He was happy to share his knowledge and expertise, acquainting me with campaigning. Along the way, I got lots of tips and assistance from him. I highly value Veli’s ability to listen to different views and act in a constructive and inspiring way. He would be a splendid Vice-Chair for the Greens.”

– Maisa Juntunen, agricultural entrepreneur, new Green Councillor, Kangasniemi

Antti Van Wonterghem

“For four years, I have co-operated with Veli Liikanen in the new South-Eastern Constituency. Right from the start, I noticed his ability to speak inspiringly. His work for Mikkeli and South Savo has been powerful. Having Veli in the Board of Chairs would bring the Greens closer to PM party status.

Free from fossils has been my motto for nearly a decade. Solutions in clean technology, green traffic, Pullervo and his fellow seals as well as other arctic species, all of these will find Veli the advocate they deserve.”

– Antti van Wonterghem, Chairman of the Greens Climate and Energy Politics team, Kotka

Katja Andrejev

“Having observed Veli’s political actions within our Party Board and the South East Greens, I admire his knowledge and his listening skills. Veli always takes time to hear the arguments of adversaries, yet he is not afraid to fight, sometimes fiercely, for his values.”

– Katja Andrejev, Chairman of the Greens Party Board, Chairman of the South East Greens, Hamina